Prometheus® IBD sgi™ Diagnostic

Consider adding Prometheus® IBD sgi™ Diagnostic early on in the diagnostic workup

A survey of 1,000 Crohn’s disease (CD) patients (on behalf of the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America [CCFA] and the Digestive Disease National Coalition [DDNC]) revealed that1:

  • 50% of patients were frustrated with the inability to obtain a diagnosis
  • 30% of patients had ≥5 physician visits before inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) was diagnosed
  • On average, patients waited 38.5 months before getting a proper diagnosis

More markers when you need additional diagnostic and prognostic clarity

Only PROMETHEUS IBD sgi Diagnostic combines serologic, genetic, and inflammatory markers to help differentiate IBD vs non-IBD and CD from UC (see Figure 1).

The incorporation of three classes of biomarkers
significantly improves the diagnostic accuracy of
PROMETHEUS IBD sgi Diagnostic, compared with
ASCA and ANCA testing.2

Out of every 100 patients tested,
PROMETHEUS IBD sgi Diagnostic correctly
indentifies 87 patients while ASCA and ANCA
only identify 64 and 65 patients, respectively
(see Figure 2).2

Prometheus Curve Chart
Figure 1

PROMETHEUS IBD sgi Diagnostic also provides more information for your prognostic assessment

Multiple studies have demonstrated that specific serologic markers are associated with certain disease behavior
(see Table 1).3-7

Other studies have shown that the presence and magnitude of immune responses may influence certain disease behavior (see Figures 3-5).6,8

Your interpretation of the results from PROMETHEUS IBD sgi Diagnostic may be valuable when you are developing a patient’s prognostic risk assessment.

Table 1. Association of Serologic Markers and Disease Behavior

Figure 3.
Increased Number of CD-Associated Serologic Markers Is Associated With
Higher Frequency of Surgery and Complicated Behavior6,a


Figure 4.
Serology Progression to Surgery6,a


Figure 5.
serology May Help Identify UC Patients at Risk for Complications After IPAA8,a

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Use it:

  • Early to support IBD identification in adults and pediatric patients
  • To differentiate CD from UC
  • To assist you in your prognostic assessment
  • Prior to colectomy